A watch has two purposes, attractive and dependable. Looking for the right and fashionable watch is never easy. If you are trying to find the best watch brands you may consider this list:

  • Rolex – If you are looking for luxury watch, Rolex is the first thing to be in the list. This watch is known for its quality and design. Rolex watch can cost more than $10,000, however, if you wanted to buy specific Rolex model, price might go higher.
  • Timex – Timex is known for quality, design and affordable price. If you are into budget, then this watch might be theone you are looking for. Timex is affordable as mentioned, and has a lot to offer.
  • Fossil – High end watches that comes with great designs. In the past years, Fossil is constantly producing quality designs and products. They were also known for their heart shaped watches.
  • Seiko – It is also a well established brand of watch and is very affordable. With this brand, you will be able to find dependable price watch and with great design.

Watches from this brand are with high quality and very fashionable.

  • Pulsar – Most watches created by Pulsar are designed after Rolex. So, if you are into budget, then opt for this one.
  • Oakley – Oakley is not only known for watches but also to sunglasses. This name can be trusted and you are rest assured that you are buying great ang high end products and has a very sophisticated design.
  • Diesel – This is an affordable watch with beautiful designs that mainly consist of stainless steel.

Watches to buy that being listed above are only a few of many watches available in the market today. Other brands are Jacob and company, the ones that comes with colourful new designs, spectacular jewelled watches from Chaumet, Chopard, and Harry Winston, fashionable and classic watches from Gucci and Cartier, sports watches from Dunhill, Longines and Tag Heuer and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Familiarize yourself with this brand and discover their great collections with affordable prices.
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