cheap watches – Yahoo! UK News Message Boards – Entertainment news – Big Brother – Are you bored yet?

Yahoo! UK News Message Boards – Entertainment news – Big Brother – Are you bored yet?

Chantelle and Preston have been spotted apparently shopping for rings, leading to rumours the pair – who met on the latest Celebrity Big Brother reality show – are to get engaged.

But are you bored with the television phenomena that is Big Brother? Is it time for it to take a rest, or are you a BB addict?

Perhaps it's only the celebrity incarnation which gets you watching, or does the whole concept seem stale?

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Replica watches are very different from fake watches; they are exact look alike of the original ones even from the functioning point of view. But one needs to be careful while buying replica watches and not look for cheap watches as then they might end up buying a low quality fake watch which has no similarity with the original one. There are a couple of things one should make a note of before buying a replica watch. Replica watches are clones of original timepieces hence there is not much to differentiate between the two.

Most of the engravings on the replica watches are just like that on the original product. The case, bracelet of replica watches is generally made up of stainless steel while the glass used is crystal mineral glass; this improves the scratch resistance of the watch. By taking a close look at the dial specially the material used, one can make out whether the watch is a replica piece or a fake one.

In watch making, there are different grades of movements like Swiss, Japanese etc. The Japanese replica uses 21 jewel automatic movement system. Fake watches generally use more than 21 jewel system. Also the hands are shortened by few millimeters in replica watches. Almost all the replica watches are water resistant usually up to 30 feet; the rubber sealing used prevents the water from entering the main body and thus avoids damage to the watch. Another distinguishing factor between a replica watch and a fake watch is the functioning of the chronograph which is just for looks purpose in fake watches whereas it functions properly in a replica watch.

Websites like nowreplica offer a wide range of genuine replica watches to suit one’s taste. The catalogue available on these websites is updated time and time again so that you get the replica models as soon as they become available.

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